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About Us
The History
The Jefferson Outreach for Older People became a 501-C3 with a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Our mission was to provide services to seniors 60 years or older. So, with our Board of Directors, our by- laws and our non-profit status secured we began operating in October 1984. We have expanded our services and our parameters extensively since our beginning. Our organization was a Robert Wood Johnson 20 year initiative and Jefferson Outreach was the pilot program in the State of Texas. Since our inception we have helped start three other CO-OP’s in this city of San Antonio. We are in the Northwest, Scoop in the southeast, NESA in the Northeast and SWOOP in the southwest.

The grant from Robert Woods Johnson funded us for three years. Since then, we have sustained and enriched our services through Grants, small donations and our own very hard fundraising efforts. We have a small office staff, Executive Director, part-time secretary, part-time Project & Special Event Director and our Resale Shop manager , full-time. With this small staff and many volunteers, we provide our services free to the seniors within our boundaries. We have added a new program this year called “Extra Milers”. The drivers for grocery delivery each Thursday take groceries to seniors outside our boundaries because of an ever increasing need. Our services include Mobile Meals, our drivers pick up meals from Morningside Meadows at noon Monday through Friday and deliver hot nourishing meals to seniors who need help. We also deliver groceries every Thursday to seniors who are shut-ins to their homes. We have had a contract with H.E.B. for at least 10 years and the prior years we were with Krogers. We do escorted rides for seniors to and from medical and dental appointments. This service is unique in that our drivers wait with them at the Doctors and Dental offices and return them safely home. We also do minor home repairs, telephone reassurance and however else we can be helpful. We serve a congregate meal every Thursday for seniors. We hire a cook and she prepares a full meal, entrée, salad, vegetable, tea, coffee and dessert for $3.00. We average about 60 seniors weekly. We opened a Resale Shop seven years ago and it has been a source of revenue for us. It is staffed by the manager and many volunteers.

Our goals include
  • To enhance our transportation program to its highest potential by recruiting more volunteers and receiving more funding
  • To expand our services to enable us to aid more elderly people
  • To Improve the quality of life of the aging and physically impaired senior citizens in the Jefferson area and surrounding communities of San Antonio, Bexar County
  • To Provide opportunities to seniors and others willing and able to volunteer while instilling a sense of worth, pride, and gratification from helping others in their community.
  • And to provide assistance and comfort to the aging and/or physically impaired senior citizens in the Jefferson Area and surrounding communities of San Antonio, Bexar County

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